We’ve all been into corporate offices or buildings and seen art on the walls, on tables or floors and immediately established a ‘feeling’ of what sort of organisation you are dealing with.

From powerful pieces depicting a battle, war or conquest through to fun-loving art filling with colour and light, art can change both our conscious and sub-conscious feeling of the situation we are walking into.

When it comes time to selecting artwork for your office, home, workspace or just about anywhere, it needs to be a key consideration about what you are trying to communicate. This communication is not only to your potential clients, but you internal workers – as art can change the culture from within.

For example, if you are a corporate law firm who specialises in litigation at the highest levels, your choice of artwork would need to be different to that of a creative marketing or advertising agency – as your goals, corporate culture and objectives are different. The environment you are attempting to create, the output you are looking to elicit and the culture you are trying to stimulate

Tips on how to use art to control your environment

Use art to garner the environment that you want

Don’t put art up just because it speaks to you. For example, you may be an avid follower of Machiavellian theory and paradigms, while your company may be in the creative space – these are two completely different environments you are looking to harness – so don’t let your personal preferences get in the way of the collective good.

Choose wisely on the positioning of the art

You may wish for an environment that changes as you move around the office, therefore different pieces will allow you to do that strategically placed in locations that flow through your office. If you’re unsure of placement and positioning of art an art leasing consultant or interior designer can assist to find the perfect place for your fine art piece.

Consider art leasing to reduce your capital expenditure

In a corporate environment you may want to install some art in your office to add some flair to a space, however, when it comes to the Cap Ex and cash flow to purchase the pieces – especially fine art – there can be restrictions on what you can do. This can lead to the overall look, feel, flow and environment not being achieved and your vision falling flat.

Leasing art is a fantastic solution to add the sophistication you’re looking to accomplish without having to fork out for fine art prices.

How can you get all the art you need to create the ultimate environment and statement about your company?

Just like office space, furniture or computer hardware, art can be leased for a set period to create the ultimate environment. Not only are the benefits of leasing art seen in the environment and culture created, but as your business evolves, so can your art. As your business, culture and personnel grow, expands and evolves so can your collection.

One of the benefits of leasing art for your office space is that it can be changed over after the lease expires, allowing you to install fresh new look and feel. While art that may have once inspired has now become stale, leasing art allows you to re-engage, re-inspire and reconnect with your team and its evolving culture.

How do you lease art?

Speaking with the experts is always the first step. Companies such as Singapore’s Art Works, have art investment professionals that can work with you and your company’s specific needs, source the art and arrange everything from delivery to installation as well as recommending the flow through your office to maximise the effect.

Speak to Art Works today to get your company moving! With offices in Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong, the expert team at Art Works can provide the art investment and art leasing advice you need to get the art installation you’ve been searching for.