It’s holiday season as December is a wonderful time for gatherings and giving.


If you’re thinking of buying art for your home or gifting to a loved one, here are four simple tips you may want to hold on to.

Art has the ability to transform moods and provoke emotions. It can also change a person’s perspective at different stages of his or her life, enabling one to interpret, evaluate and negotiate maturely.

1. Choose art that suits your taste – When it comes to selecting the right piece of artwork, it is essential to realize that not all art is created equally. This is not merely a matter of auction price or retail value. Whether you are purchasing for personal consumption or presenting art as a gift, it is important to consider the style, type and taste of the art of the receiver.

2. Select art with investment potential – Besides personal taste in gifting art, the investment potential of a work should be taken into regard. Aesthetically, art is tasteful to look at and provides an outlet for many to escape – even momentarily – the busy lives we lead. If chosen correctly, art can also serve as an extremely profitable investment vehicle.

3. Think about capital gains for your art – With volatile stock markets, real estate bubbles and currency fluctuations, understanding risk is the key to better investing. Alternative assets such as works of art can provide a secure investment that has long-term growth potential for you or your gift recipient.

4. Ask an expert art consultant – By working with an experienced art consultant within any given budget, you can select a gift that is both valuable and admirable on your walls.

Whether you are looking to purchase art purely for personal consumption, for gifting or for capital gains, you can gain better insights by speaking to experts in art buying. Access the resources of art dealers and art pieces before choosing and reviewing them on the artwork’s growth potential. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With art, it can be more than simply the way it looks on your wall. 

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