International Art Fairs Predicted to Return to Pre-Pandemic Numbers

Despite the difficulties faced by in-person art fairs during the COVID-19 pandemic, data has shown that international demand has rebounded to just below pre-pandemic levels. This year, the number of art fairs across the world will reach 377, climbing steadily since the precipitous drop to 133 and 2020. Though it’s not quite the same as the high of 408 in 2019, gallerists and collectors have observed that it has become “business as usual — then a little more”, due to the resurging desire for international travel and looking at art in person. 

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Art Works Gallery in Singapore Welcomes Fresh New Artists

After the success of the opening Danny Minnick exhibition, Art Works Gallery has welcome a new curation of authentically original international artists to the One Holland Village.

Each artwork has been curated to be a statement piece, promising to infuse your home with bold character, reflective of our artist’s compelling stories, with the vision to boldly transform interiors.

Artists featured include; Sylvie Kettle, Stanislas Piechaczek, Salvita De Corte and RizRizRizz.

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National Gallery Singapore Upgrades Arts Education Centre

The Keppel Centre for Art Education, located at the National Gallery Singapore, opened its doors on December 16 after four months of renovation works. It features new, immersive multimedia technology which allows children to learn and explore art through unique hands-on activities, allowing them to boost their visual literacy skills and creative capabilities. It also accommodates differently abled children, allowing them to explore art uninhibited alongside their peers. 

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Affordable Art Fair Promotes Social Inclusivity

Though the Affordable Art Fair has been a staple of the local arts industry for 17 years, its commitment to social accessibility in the arts has often gone underlooked. Though maintaining its appeal to artists and art patrons, the Fair has also worked alongside important social causes in Singapore, such as ART:DIS and the Singapore Cancer Society. ART:DIS collaborates with the Fair to showcase emerging artists with disabilities, while the Singapore Cancer Society hosts workshops on art psychotherapy and wellbeing sessions. 

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Heritage Bungalow in Singapore Celebrates Asian Art 

Avid art collectors Claudia and Hogi Hyun are proud owners of a sprawling black-and-white bungalow in Singapore, and have furnished their house with notable items from their extensive Asian art collection. This includes paintings by pioneering local artists such as Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng and Georgette Chen, works by notable Filipino artists as well as antique vases and sculptures from China. 

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