Singapore has earned the reputation of being a major regional business hub. It is also established as a shopping and food paradise for those who enjoy travelling around South East Asia.

Over the years, Singapore has also been developing its name as an arts hub.

Since the 1980s, it has aimed to position itself as a regional and international force in art. This push is evident with the government-led Renaissance City Plan, which was created to “establish Singapore as a global arts city” via the $68 million given out in grants, scholarships and bursaries in 2018.

With such a high level of arts and cultural funding invested in the city, the art scene is developing into more than a status symbol in the region, but a way of life. Great wealth and disposable income, as well as corporate offices, hotels and establishments in a small geographic location, are all push factors to the burgeoning arts scene.

In the heartland of South East Asia, Singapore is strategically located and perfectly placed to become a global powerhouse in international art.

World-renowned Singapore Art Week is known as a “meeting of the art world’s most influential minds”. The event is filled with exhibitions, art fairs and after-parties that art collectors, gallery owners, dealers, artists and influencers flock to from all corners of the globe.

So, what makes Singapore so attractive to the art community?

As a vibrant financial city, the Singapore arts scene has long reflected its culturally diverse society since the progress of it’s country’s foundation. Its historical links with China, Malaysia, England and India can often be found in pioneering artworks. Trends in art styles and movements changed over time as Singapore embraced and adapted to global changes in its economy. Today, we see contemporary artists experimenting with modern, minimalist and even technologically advanced art forms. 

Despite being relatively conservative in many ways, the Singaporean government’s spend in the arts inches toward $700 million per year, “the government has sought to construct a hothouse of what one might call Confucian creativity: orderly, pragmatic, respectful of elders and rules”.

Although it may not be promoting of all art forms, especially those considered outside of societal norms – or that of the Confucian mindset – Singapore certainly offers opportunities for emerging and established artists alike.

How to embrace the Singaporean art hub?

Whether you are a collector, investor, artist, gallery owner, dealer or an enthusiast, the Singaporean art scene can provide many rewarding and fruitful experiences. From its many galleries and exhibitions to its thousands of regular art investors, the key question is where do you start?

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