When you are inspired with positivity, productivity happens no matter where you work or what you do. In this case, art can inspire you to create, empower others and perform your work with excellence.

Works of art whether they be fine art, modern art, prints or even satire, offer you and your employees an escape, if only for a brief moment to channel what they need to get the most out of themselves.

In fact, 53% of people say that art in the workplace makes them happier. And those who work in places where negotiations take place (such as equity companies and law firms) have artworks that depict battles or powerplays designed to posture before negotiations.

Why should you be careful in selecting art for your workspace?

Art throughout the ages has been a scene of free-flowing ideas and expression. Sometimes, this involves pictures or scenes that are not always, ‘politically correct’ in today’s workplace.

Some of the world’s most valuable pieces of art depict nudity, violence or other inappropriate images for your workplace. These works of art are no doubt to be admired in galleries and museums. However, in the context of fostering a safe and inclusive work environment – they may not advocate the right message at your workplace.

A great marketing campaign can build on your business strengths. Therefore, it is important to understand your audience and what they are looking out for that you can provide. For instance, if you wish to create a light-hearted and fun working environment, placing paintings of crusaders on conquest may result in a solemn and competitive atmosphere instead.

Creative spaces such as advertising agencies, tech companies and education institutions often have art that inspires, challenges the norm and stimulate people’s imagination.

An equity firm may have the Wall Street Bull out the front; a law firm may have a painting of a famous battle or war; this is all to empower their employees by placing them at an advantageous position of negotiation subconsciously.

Art is important at a workplace as it sets the tone and creates an unspoken culture that can affect people in positive or negative ways. Where you position the artworks – such as the boardroom wall – is almost as important as what you select.

Sometimes Art Gets Tired

Even classics can get tired from time to time. The art you place on your walls may lose their impact and turn into white noise after a long time.

Thankfully for your workplace or office, companies such as Art Works Singapore offer their clients Lease Arrangements on art.

These innovative arrangements allow investors to buy artworks that offices lease for a contractual period of time. It also allows offices to simply swap them over for new ones when the time comes. The upside of this service enables offices to refresh their space that can revitalise creativity or generate a unique look and feel as businesses progresses year after year.

Speak to the team at Art Works today about selecting and leasing ideal pieces of art that can inspire innovation and creativity in your organisation and workplace.