Singapore is a vibrant city recognized for its lush greenery, clean streets, award-winning airport and shopping malls. Besides these better known descriptors, have you noticed public art that bring this beautiful city to life?

According to Culture Trip, there is a wide array of popular art attractions in Singapore that pay homage to its history and culture.

One such example, as you stroll along Singapore River towards the Fullerton Hotel, is local artist Chong Fah Cheong’s set of four sculptures, People Along the River.

In the early days of Singapore, children would play along the banks of the river. Chong’s bronze sculptures playfully remind us that we were all once children. Despite Singapore’s modern skyscrapers and bustling international trade, our foundation is built on our hopes for a carefree life and future.

Changi Airport is famed to be the world’s best, highly praised for its greenspaces and entertainment grounds designed to help break our monotonous airport wait times. One wonderful piece that reflects this design is the Kinetic Raindrops installation. 1,216 bronze droplets dance fluidly in different formations, creating a mesmerising backdrop in one of the world’s busiest airports.

If you are one who enjoys shopping, take a walk down ION Orchard where Nutmeg & Mace, a sculpture by Kumari Nahappan is displayed. This signature sculpture links the shopping mall with the reminder that it used to be a nutmeg plantation. Present-day social spaces are founded on collective memories.

The Merlion is a prominent public sculpture to Singapore. It is widely used to represent the city and its people and is one of Singapore’s most visited tourist attractions.

Symbolising Singapore’s humble beginnings as a fishing village and a lion city, the Merlion was first used as the logo for its tourism board.

Other memorable art pieces include The Explorer by Ng Eng Teng, The Time Tree by Robert Zhao Renhui and Crossing Shores by Speak Cryptic.

Seeing the importance of art in society and culture, it is easy to spot public works located in parks, office buildings, hotels and walls of residential areas. A great place to start your research is the Public Art Trust.

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