Corporate art collections are made up of artworks purchased by organizations for a range of reasons such as establishing a brand’s identity and image, promoting creativity at work and supporting artists and cultural activities in its corporate social responsibility.

When a corporate entity acquires artworks, it brings about interesting ideas to the table with a stronger voice in a powerful fashion. Apart from mere aesthetics, the purchase of artworks challenges viewers to take unique points of perspective and see relationships beyond standard frameworks.

As you build a portfolio of property or capex under your business, it is worthwhile to think of art as an expense that will add value to your business (unlike many other line items in your balance sheet). Thus, when investing in fine art, getting sound advice on an artwork set to appreciate in capital value is essential.

Whether you are building a corporate or personal art collection, you and art broker need to undertake research, due diligence and negotiation of sale, similar to selecting a property, investment fund or security to put money on.

With emerging artists entering the picture, it takes experts to understand the trends and market demands. They help to select artworks that will potentially appreciate in value, additionally appealing to a broader market, such as the art leasing market.

Benefits of Investing in Fine Art

Both investors and business owners today benefit from innovative buy-to-lease services from companies such as Art Works in Singapore. They specialise in linking investors with access to artworks by mid-career and blue-chip artists. Acquisition of such art pieces have the potential to appreciate in capital asset value.

As investors, you also get to enjoy a consistent stream of monthly income from leasing their artworks to corporate offices looking to personalise their walls within an agreed period of time. At the same time, these corporate offices can ensure putting up quality artworks without having to purchase outrightly – often to the delight of the accounts department.

As business owners, building your corporate art collection allows your company to retain its identity and focus as a public relation strategy. It can further distinguish you from your competitors in the market. When you start accumulating more artworks than your office walls can take, why not turn them into a revenue-generating asset by leasing your acquired works to other offices?

Investing in corporate art is more than just emotion and aesthetics. For more information on establishing your corporate art portfolio, speak to Art Works, the experts in capital appreciating works across Asia and the world.