Art is something that should be taken care of, not just due to the monetary value it may hold, but also to keep it intact and to retain original beauty for generations to come.

As with any capital asset within your investment portfolio, be it property, security or currency, these require maintenance to ensure its current and future value.

Some of the following advice may seem straightforward to art lovers, but it is incredible just how many valuable artworks are damaged due to improper care.


Step 1 – Consider exposure to sunlight

Sunlight is one major element causing damage to artworks. Pigments in paintings and prints fade over time with overexposure, just as the colour in your shirt would when you leave it outdoors for an extended time.

Being strategic where you place your art collection in your office or home is of paramount importance. Although the most prominent spot may be appealing, check how the sun affects it during the day as it may be a recipe for loss of asset value.

As many collectors would know, thanks to the progression of technology ‘museum frames’ are now available for art. This style of frame will protect your painting or print behind sun-reflective glass. If you have this option, it could maintain your investment for years to come.


Step 2 – Location, location, location 

Hanging or placing your art in a space with high traffic could be a formula for disaster for your artwork. Even if displayed in a boardroom, this may expose your art to executives rushing past with pens, hot coffee and unforeseen situations that could cause damage.

A low-traffic, cool, dry place away from moisture is always the best place to ensure your art is well cared for over the years.


Step 3 – If you move, make sure you do it properly

If you plan on moving your art from your home or office to another location, make sure you wrap it up and package it accordingly.

There are specific artwork moving boxes made from corrugated cardboard and wooden crates that can make the move and handling safer for yourself and others.

In addition, professional movers are experts at transporting works of art; so consider using them to ensure success and the safety of your art.


Step 4 – Regular art maintenance and assessment

Just as a car needs servicing from time to time, your artworks can benefit from having an expert come and assess to see if there are any potential issues or restoration fixes required.  

There are many art specialists in Singapore and around the world who can work with you and your collection, ensuring that you have ‘best practice’ when it comes to the protection and care of your asset.

Art collections should be well-protected like any other asset portfolio, so that you may pass that asset along to your family, or sell it for profit. It is vital to maintain the artwork to its full integrity as when you first purchased it.

Art Works are experts in art collecting and art investing opportunities, specializing in sourcing art that is set to appreciate in value over time.

Speak with them today about establishing, growing and protecting your art portfolio. Enjoy the capital growth and portfolio diversification that art can provide.