Art rental, the new way to enjoy art

There’s nothing more impressive than walking into a home and seeing a piece of fine art proudly on display. From paintings, statues or artefacts that have been meticulously procured from around the world, fine art collection makes a statement on who you are.

Art placed strategically around your home can provide warmth, power, inspiration, vision or a central point of focus of every room – changing the mood as you move from one room to another enjoying all the artworks in each space has to offer.

Filling your home with fine art can be expensive, not to mention costly to move around especially if you are an expatriate or an individual that divides their time between your home base and abroad. In addition, once you have outlaid significant capital for the piece, it’s yours and you are stuck with it until the time comes you wish to sell. Making the option of trialling art to see if you enjoy it an expensive and difficult exercise.

Nowadays thanks to savvy art investors looking to invest in fine art to rent out to art-loving individuals, you can now bring the fine art world into your home – as temporary as it may be – to provide the image, inspiration and mood that you wish to have, for a fraction of the cost.

Leasing fine art is the new way to enjoy art

The trend of leasing a wide variety of items across a wide range of values has dramatically increased over the past ten years. Leasing industry habits have transformed with individuals leasing anything from “bikes, phones, books, sports and fitness equipment, pets, gardens, solar panels, boats, parking spaces, gadgets, cameras, Christmas trees, appliances, furniture and driveways”.

Leasing fine art has been increasing in global popularity not only in the offices, boardrooms, hotels and fine dining restaurants – but it’s now a popular option for private individuals and residential homeowners across the world.

Leasing art not only provides individuals with the aesthetic look they desire in their home but allows clients to swap your art for something new every time the lease expires. Turning a home into a fine art gallery is now easy with art rental programs.

Installing art on a lease arrangement is quick and easy

Art leasing arrangements gives individuals the opportunity to enjoy art based on their needs and wants for a specific period.

We all have different tastes and perspectives at different stages of our life, and art leasing means clients no longer have to be stuck with the same artwork if they don’t enjoy the piece and want to change the art for something else.

Art leasing companies offer all-inclusive packages including top class insurance, installation and transport, so once you’ve chosen your preferred piece of art from a catalogue, you simply need to work out how long you want to lease the works for and then sit back and enjoy your new art.

Now’s the time to start making a return from your fine art pieces

If you’re looking to expand your art portfolio or have some fine art you wish to pull out of storage for someone else to enjoy leasing out your art could be a feasible option.

Your art may be increasing in value, but can you make it work harder for you? Can you have it bring in residual, passive income each year? Art leasing programs can help art investors to enjoy substantial returns via client’s looking to rent fine art for their homes and business needs.

While many people purchase for the ‘love’ of art, or how art makes them feel, there are a growing group of objective investors that purchase art for reasons other than love, but for the ROI that can be achieved through owning a piece of fine art.

What’s the going rate of return for art leasing programs?

With returns of 6% per annum being offered to art investors, it’s definitely food for thought for not only art lovers, but any investor looking to expand their portfolio.

Home may be where the art is, but if your love is getting good returns on your investment maybe someone else’s home or office should be where your art is?

Speak to the team at Art Works today to find out how you can make your investment in artwork harder for you. With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, Art Works is the leader in South East Asia for art investment and art leasing.