Art is an emotive experience for everyone. Art can be a powerful conveyor of your vision, values and profile to all those that set foot in your office.

Fine art can be something captivating and of true beauty or it could convey power, strength and dominance – it all depends on your workplace, what industry you are in and how you and your business wish to be seen.

For example, if you are a hedge fund or law office, you may not wish to have Dr. Seuess art in your foyer, but more powerful images of dominance, battle or the world. Meanwhile, if you’re a creative agency, marketing firm or sales-based organisation, potentially art that inspires, creates positivity or that captivates the imagination is more appropriate.

What are the key benefits of art in the workplace?

Show who you are

It is important in whatever business you are in, whether you are ‘client facing’ or not to have artwork in our office that shows who your company are, what you stand for and how you expect your team to act. Again, this could be abstract art to show creativity, a landscape to show a vision or the depiction of a famous battle to show the ‘fight’.

Inspire your team

Art in your workplace is not simply about you or about clients; it’s about your team. Artwork can make people laugh, cry, boost creativity and see things from a different perspective that may even surprise them. So remember when you are thinking about artwork for your workplace, what could others see in the pieces you are considering – not just you.

Show your success

Fine art is something of beauty and in many cases portrays opulence and success. In Asia, in particular, it is important to portray the images of success to our clients, especially those looking at large monetary transactions – art is the perfect vehicle.

Talking points

Client facing roles such as lawyers, marketers and even bankers may be dealing with one or dozens of clients in a day; art is a great way to break the ice. Conversation starters such as fine art on the wall or as a statue in a prominent position in your office are excellent ways to start conversations not only for you but for your clients or prospects that maybe looking for something to speak with you, a common ground other than work.

Diversify your cap ex

Accountants make the world go around, and one thing to ensure that you can justify artwork is that of diversifying your expenses – especially around tax time. Purchasing artwork can diversify your investment portfolio while leasing the pieces can minimise your exposure to tax, while achieving all of the above as well.

If you’re looking for more reasons to have art in the workplace speak with a professional art investment consultant to find out more.

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