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With continuing worldwide volatility surrounding the global economy, traditional forms of investment are being seen by many as becoming more and more speculative. Seemingly, equities, derivatives and other ‘paper based’ financial instruments are at the mercy of many outside influences unrelated to the basic core fundamentals of what should be, and what have historically been, sound investment decisions. INVESTMENT APPEAL Increasingly, astute investors around the world are turning to Fine Art Investment to protect and grow their wealth. Art Works Pte Ltd assists in advising all types of investors as to why this often counter-cyclical tangible asset class typically appreciates in value over time. As well as potentially creating an income of up to 7% p.a., this form of diversification is one of the safest havens for shrewd investor’s capital over the medium to long term. Investing in fine art is by no means a new concept and is also now continuing to gain popularity and momentum with both sophisticated and laymen investors alike. With figures showing trends such as the Chinese art market increasing by 18% in the first half of 2016 to a staggering turnover of over USD$2.3 billion and with the global art auction market growing at an average of up to 13 per cent annually, it’s not difficult to see the appeal. RESILIENT ASSET CLASS The growth is not surprising, given the resilience of the ‘right’ fine art’s inherent value. “Fine art is one of the few asset classes that have not been affected by any recent financial crisis. It is an effective capital growth vehicle or wealth preservation tool for our clients who are looking for safety in an otherwise potential global investment minefield,” as quoted by Troy Sadler, Managing Director of Art Works Pte Ltd. ‘ART WORKS’ ADVISORY ASSISTANCE With a head office in the hub of one of the fastest growing commercial city’s in SE Asia (Singapore), ‘Art Works’ is a boutique art investment house that serves clients who seek to benefit from the potential of diversifying toward art within their broader investment portfolio. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has built a steady track record globally in guiding clients through the entire process of successfully trading art for a profit. A pioneer of art investment in Asia, ‘Art Works’, provides access to some of the hardest to source contemporary fine art from China, South East Asia and worldwide. Art Works offers clients a fully managed ‘end-to-end’ service including art investment advice, independent evaluations and portfolio management. POTENTIAL FOR HIGHER RETURNS THROUGH CORPORATE LEASING Art Works identifies and selects works from artists who have a proven track record at auctions. These works typically have recorded a steady growth in value for at least five years. Apart from assisting the acquisition of these works to clients, the company offers an attractive corporate rental program. This helps clients to lease out their purchased art pieces to corporate entities, and guarantees a return of up to 7% per annum for a minimum period of two to three years. This is in addition to potential capital appreciation. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT AND COLORFUL “The art market in Asia has consistently broken records since the turn of the millennium and all indicators suggest it will continue to do so,” added Mr Sadler.


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