Art can elicit emotional responses from even the hardest people within our society. Be it creativity, idea generation, happiness, sadness, or power – fine art has the power to inspire and take people in its presence quite literally to the next level.

Step into any top creative agencies, legal firms, strategic think tanks and design studios anywhere in the world, and you will certainly spot art high on their walls. But why, and how does fine art assist in boosting one’s creativity?

Art has been linked to not only the positive effect it has on the mind but the body as well. There have been countless studies carried out to show that art provides a refuge for sufferers of illness or injury in hospitals, through to the mental health benefits.

So when it comes to creative thinking, there are numerous ways in which fine art can stimulate the mind. Everyone looks at artwork and sees something different, something personal, something inspirational.

The choice of fine artworks in corporate offices is one that has evolved from traditional landscapes to more thought-provoking pieces. Thanks in part to buy-to-lease arrangements, such as that offered by Singapore company Art Works.

Through such innovation, organizations and businesses can inspire office spaces on a revolving arrangement. Artworks owned by investors are ‘leased’ for a set period of time, then changed or updated when the need arises. Meanwhile, investors can enjoy increasing the capital value of their fine art as it sits on walls and is leased out for additional income.

This not only keeps the company accountants happy, as the executive team are not running around purchasing the art on the company dime, and also allows for the flow of creative juices within a corporate environment.

But don’t just take our word for it, the “Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors of more than 800 employees of 32 companies that displayed art in the workplace, 94 per cent of respondents agreed that art enhanced the work environment; 78 per cent said that it contributed to reduced stress; 64 per cent saw increased creativity and productivity, and 67 per cent said that it enhanced morale”.

Regardless of what your profession, fine art has the power to inspire innovation, creativity or allow you to remove yourself – be it only for a moment, from your current situation, proving clarity.

In a world that demands innovation, design-led thinking, start-up methodologies, adapting and creative thinking, why not provide creativity through art? Art can provide this and so much more to the homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and boardrooms of the world – why not yours?