We are seeing a noticeable increase in millennial investors looking to diversify their portfolios through alternatives such as Fine Art.

Art Works COO Chris Hallewell was recently invited to interview with Channel News Asia to discuss this trend and was joined by one of our Millennial clients who showcased her collection.

View the full CNA feature below.

This was the first time our client had seen her whole collection exhibited on the gallery wall together and she was ecstatic.

As a first time collector we provided a full white glove experience to help her navigate the complexities of investing in Fine Art and created a geographically diverse collection of artists across the three major art markets of US, UK & China.

We always listen to our clients and their objectives to ensure the expert advice we provide is driven to ensure we meet those goals and build a portfolio that our clients will be passionate for and proud of!

If you’re considering art as an investor or just as a passion collector, drop us a line and one of our consultants will be on hand to support you towards making your first purchase.