Art In The Workplace

Art makes a statement. A statement about you, your company and your professionalism. It speaks to your success, your integrity and creates a façade that can assist in closing deals, increasing revenue and creating a positive and successful environment throughout your firm.

Like everything in business, things change, people change, companies iterate, integrate and amalgamate – so sometimes pushing through expensive capital expenditure such as artwork through the board or accounts department may not sit well in the current business reports.

Just because your business doesn’t want to outlay the dollars to purchase artwork for your reception, boardroom or meeting room walls – it doesn’t mean you shouldn’thave them.

Like most company assets, there are innovative firms that work with fine art owners to provide ‘fixed’ and ‘extended’ term leases on artwork for offices around South East Asia and beyond.

Where other offices may have to settle for a mainstream print or art piece of lesser quality, your office can be a true talking point. Leasing fine art can strengthen your corporate identity, spark creative ideas and portray a powerful message of company’s vision – all for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the art itself.

How does art leasing work?

Art leasing offers your company access to hundreds of fine artworks that can be updated on a regular basis, from owners who purchase the pieces as an investment, rather than to keep up on their own walls. The world of art leasing is alive and thriving throughout the world as a recent Financial Timesarticle outlined.

Clients pay a fixed term lease, as they would with any other item that is obtainable on a lease arrangement and pay per set period. The fine art piece which may have been otherwise out of reach for the individual or company is then displayed and returned once the lease period expires.

With a fixed term fine art lease, you can be assured that all insurances and liabilities are covered, so you and your business can go about doing what you do best, all the while creating the unique environment you and your business desire, all without having to purchase the artwork outright.

Who is art leasing for?

Art is for anyone. Art leasing has a history of success with large corporates, law firms, hotels, high-end restaurants, interior decorators, private residents and even start-up who are looking to ‘close a deal of a lifetime’.

The fact that leasing art has been made so simple means many companies across the globe are flocking to get their hands on a masterpiece to take their business to the next level.

In today’s world, it’s all about perception and art leasing works to increase the appeal and environment of workplaces and spaces for companies and organisations to increase their appeal through fine art.

How can you start leasing art to increase your business appeal?

The first step in art leasing is getting in touch with a team of experts that have not only the expertise to obtain the ‘right piece’ to meet your corporate or personal objectives, but also has the processes to support you as your business or personal needs grow.

Art Works Singapore has a team of art experts who work with owners to acquire the most sought-after pieces for lease to individuals and companies.

A dedicated consultant will arrange a site visit, review the space and find out what you’re looking for to achieve a ‘feature piece’ in your office. Our knowledgeable art investment and leasing team provide clients with details on the fixtures and fittings required to house the piece as well as suggesting other items such as furniture and office styling that will support the look and feel you are looking to achieve.

Once an agreement on terms, costs and timeframes for the artwork has been confirmed the art is installed and the space is transformed.

Want art in your workplace? Speak with Art Works Singapore

Based in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and Sydney, Art Works is Asia’s leading contemporary art investment gallery.

We are the market leaders in our field and are perfectly positioned to assist our clients in building a balanced art investment portfolio and providing art leasing opportunities for client’s throughout South East Asia.

With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney we are the art investment specialists.

Ready to install art in your workplace on a leasing arrangement? Speak to Art Works Singapore today and start changing the spaces you have, to what you want them to be – at a fraction of the cost.